Nourishing skin care to help you love the skin you’re in

Natural hair care for naturally curly, coily and kinky hair

Organic, Sustainably Grown & Wildcrafted Ingredients

Low waste production & packaging

Handmade in Australia

Here at Barakah Botanicals we make natural & nourishing skin & hair care products inspired by the feminine self-care practices of traditional Islamic, Arabic and African cultures.  We recognise the blessings and benefits of the natural world for superior skin and hair care. Our products are made primarily from cold pressed or steam distilled botanical oils, butters and hydrosols, dried herbs and flowers.

We make our products by hand in small batches, ensuring you get fresh, high-quality skincare, with no need for artificial preservatives, fragrances or colourants.


You’re looking for skincare that reflects your ethics and values, that is good for your skin, and good for the earth. You want to help make the world a better place, by caring for your self, loving the skin you’re in, using genuinely natural products, minimising plastic, waste, & synthetic chemicals. You might love what we do if you love real beauty, ageing gracefully and traditional self-care routines.

Natural Remedies for Dry Hair

If your hair is feeling a little too crunchy, brittle or fragile, and you want to stick to natural hair care solutions what can you do?  Let me be honest. Just as we’re all individuals, there is no one size fits all solution. But there are lots of things you…

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Self Care Challenge

Free Self-Care Challenge

Free Self-Care Challenge I can’t recall another time when collectively we’ve all needed a little more selfcare. I don’t mean we need more spa days, as lovely as they are. We need, now when things feel uncertain, fearful & overwhelming, to protect & prioritise the small, simple acts that make…

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Zero Waste Housewarming GIft Guide

Zero Waste Housewarming Gift Guide

Giving gifts & celebrating the little things are what builds our sense of contentment & community. It’s important to mark the little and big moments of our lives with small rituals. But for the health of our planet, & our own mental health, it’s equally important to make sure that…

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Gut Skin Connection

Understanding the gut-skin connection

How your gut and skin are connected & why it matters Many of us realise in our teenage years that our gut & our skin are connected. What we eat or drink affects the vitality, health & appearance of our skin. That much we can all agree with, and most…

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