I’m Amatullah, owner & creator of Barakah Botanicals. I create naturally nourishing skin and hair care products for women who want a low-tox, low-waste self-care routine that makes you feel good inside and out. 

I use herbs, flowers, oils, butters, fats and waxes to create skin and hair care products that work, without the waste, synthetic chemicals or marketing manipulation so common in the beauty industry. I want to help you make the world a better place, by loving the skin you’re in & minimising waste & exposure to synthetic chemicals.

You are:

  • Tired of feeling like you’re swimming in a sea of synthetic chemicals & all their negative health effects. 
  • Frustrated by greenwashing and want the ingredients to match the promises of ‘natural’ or ‘nature-derived’ on the label.
  • Suffering, or watching a loved one suffer from a recurring or chronic skin or hair condition, and what you’ve tried hasn’t given you the results you were looking for.

You’re looking for:

  • Effective, ethical, natural skin and hair care products, made for real women
  • A self care routine that heals, that doesn’t leave a trail of plastic or synthetics behind you
  •  Nourishing skin care without the empty promises manipulative marketing
  •  Low and zero waste personal care

What I know:

  • It is possible to use genuinely wholesome skin and hair care, & have healthy radiant skin & hair. 
  • Using the power of that natural world helps you accept the skin you’re in and doesn’t have nasty side effects.
  • It is possible to make natural nourishing skin care that not only works, but is more powerful, unique & health-full than anything you can buy in your average pharmacy. Regular commercial skin and hair care products are loaded with synthetic chemicals that are often not adequately tested for safety. But dousing ourselves in potentially dangerous chemicals is not necessary. It’s possible to look and feel our best without the cosmeceutical aisle at all.
  • The traditional herbal skills & knowledge that countless generations of women have used before us contains so much of what we need to really care for our skin and hair.
  • There is a real lack of Australian businesses that produce genuinely natural hair care products, specifically for curly, coily and natural hair. 

How we can help:

  • Our products are genuinely natural. We source organic & sustainably wild crafted whenever possible. 
  • We know our products work. We don’t make empty promises or prey on your fears, we just make really good stuff.
  • Our range of skin and hair care products are handmade fresh, meaning we don’t need synthetic preservatives or germicides in our solar-powered home. 
  • We minimise waste in all stages of our production, & are actively trying to find replacements for the minimal amounts of plastic we do use in packaging. 

I also own Barakah Gardens, where we sell honey from our own small apiary, herbs and herbal teas and other goodies from our hives.

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