differences handmade and normal soap

Artisanal vs Conventional Soap

What is the difference between artisanal hand-crafted soap and the stuff you buy in the supermarket? They’re both just soap right? Ask a soapmaker this and watch them decide where to start. Some supermarket soaps are more like detergent bars, that strip away the moisture in your skin, and cause…

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Zero Waste Hair Care Tips & Tools for curly hair

10 Zero Waste Hair Care Tips & Tricks

Sometimes less is more. Hair care for example. Sometimes what we need to do is not find the best product or routine to make our hair look like someone else’s, but the best routine for us to be happy with our own hair, just the way it is. Being happy…

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Setting Health and Beauty Goals

Health and Beauty Goals

Are you a lists for everything kind of person? Or more of see-how-you-feel planner? Not everyone is the setting goals and ticking them off type. Some people like to see where the wind takes them, to ramble rather than to hike, and that’s part of what makes life interesting. But…

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What's in fragrance? Fragrance ingredients

What’s in Fragrance?

When I say fragrance what do you think of? How about aroma? How about essential oil? I think of picking flowers as the sun rises, of coffee roasting, of the smell of jasmine flowers in the cool night air, of pine trees and eucalyptus. I think of cinnamon rolls baking…

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