7 Day Self Care Challenge

Free Self-Care Challenge

I can’t recall another time when collectively we’ve all needed a little more selfcare.

I don’t mean we need more spa days, as lovely as they are. We need, now when things feel uncertain, fearful & overwhelming, to protect & prioritise the small, simple acts that make feel us strong, serene & connected. 

I started work on this months ago, when we were all trapped inside to escape the heat & smoke of bushfires & it seemed that summer would never end. But of course then the rains came & the green shoots followed & the air cleared. 

Anyway if you’re feeling overwhelmed, stretched thin or underappreciated, I invite you to join our 7 Day Self Care Challenge.

This is a customisable, DIY challenge, because what makes me calm & connected won’t be the same as what works for you. There’s some suggestions to get you started, space to brainstorm what works for you, to set your intentions, to think about what you might need to say no to if you’re going to say yes to prioritising your own serenity. There’s printable self care reminders, plenty of flowers & space for reflection. And there’s a daily checklist to help you focus & get in the habit of actually doing what nourishes you, instead of just thinking about it.

SelfCare CHallenge

It’s free, you add your email below,  I add you to my mailing list & send you the link. Sound good?