Setting Health and Beauty Goals

Not everyone is a setting goals and ticking them off kind of person. Some people like to see where the wind takes them, to ramble rather than to hike. But even the most spontaneous of us understands that you’re more likely to get what you want if you set clear goals and then work towards them. Actually taking steps to get you closer to your goal will almost always get you closer. Thinking about what you want, praying for it, then taking action. We are used to having goals for practical things, a tests passed, a job gained, a meal made on time.

But when our comes to health and beauty (because these are 2 sides of the same coin) we need to take a step back and redefine our goals. Are we after health or beauty, or health and beauty?

We say health is beautiful. And your beauty routines and products should promote good health not detract from it.

Once upon a time that was not a radical idea. Once upon a time, we understood that beauty can fade fast but good health is one of the true blessings in life. Maybe it’s still a radical idea for you. Maybe you grew up in a place and time that was beauty sick, collectively suffering delusions of artificial beauty and driving their health into the ground in pursuit of that elusive beast. You can still step away from that into a place where you decide to be yourself, with all your strengths and weaknesses, and without trying to inject or filter yourself into an image that is actually just a mirage.

Every day we get up, wash our face and make a choice about how we’ll talk to ourselves in the mirror, and what we’ll put on our skin and in our bodies. We might not think about that choice as we make it, but we still make it. It is a choice and it’s one that impacts all the other people in our life as well. If we demand unrealistic perfection from ourselves it’s easy to demand that of others as well.

Be kind to yourself. Your skin is awesome because it holds you together, protects your delicate insides, and helps you regulate your temperature. Your smile is a light in someone’s world and your eyes are little miracle workers without which you’d never have seen a sunset, your mother’s smile, or your favourite colour.

Some things we have no control over. Our health and beauty goals are not one of those things. Choose health, healing and being grateful. Reject the beauty-sick obsessions that feed into dis-ease, dissatisfaction and the idea that  you are not enough, that you are defined by your pout your eyes your skin tone your wrinkles your saggy lumpy bumpy bits your teeth your ears your hair your waistline your curves or straight lines.

By all means have goals, specific health and beauty goals, just don’t focus so much on some idealised image of beauty that health becomes an optional extra.

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