how to make handmade soap last longer

Maybe you found it at a craft market or boutique skincare store. Maybe someone gifted it to you or you bought it yourself ‘cos you’ve got great taste. Either way you’ve got a beautiful bar of artisanal handmade soap & you want to make it last. 

Handmade soap is different to commercially mass produced soaps in a couple of ways. It’s gentler on the skin and less likely to dry your skin out. It’s often softer, because it doesn’t have synthetic chemicals added to harden it. This means that they need to be treated slightly different. There’s no way round it, handmade soap is a little high maintenance.

Because many handmade soaps are also zero waste, coming without labels or tips for use, we want to make sure everyone knows the best way to care for their bars.

So here are our top tips for making handmade soap last longer:

  1. Do let it dry out between uses. This means using a good draining soap dish. We love ones like this. Handmade & beautiful.
  2. Do NOT leave it in a pool of water, bath or soap holder that doesn’t drain.  It will get soft and gooey and wash away much faster. 
  3. Do store it somewhere cool and dry when not in use. Spots high in humidity may make soap ‘sweat’.
  4. Do use a washcloth, loofah, sponge or soap saver. We love natural loofahs and sponges, but a simple cotton wash cloth is also great.
  5. If your bathroom is extremely warm or humid (even if it’s not) try slicing the soap into smaller portions. This is also a great tip for travelling with soap.
  6. Don’t hold it under running water. Wet your hands or cloth and then apply soap to lather without wetting soap bar.
  7. Buy what you can use. Artisanal soap does have a best before date, so buy what you can use within the next 6-12 months.

Did I miss any? What are your tips for making handmade soap last?