How to wash your face with cleansing grains tutorial

Cleansing grains are a traditional beauty routine that are gaining ground because some traditions are worth holding on to. 

So what are they? How do use them? Do they work? 

They’re a gentle, soap-free way to cleanse facial skin without stripping it of the body’s natural sebum. Specific recipes vary but essentially cleansing grains are a combination of powdered grains or nuts, like oats or almonds,  with optional extras like clays, herbs, flowers or spices added in to help cleanse, soothe & nourish skin. 

Cleansing grains will cleanse dirt & clean out your pores, but they won’t remove makeup. For that you might like to try the oil cleansing method, using oils or balms to dissolve make up.

If you like to DIY you can tailor this to your skin type, using herbs & grains that will help your individual skin… but that’s a whole other post. We love Cocoa & Cinnamon for skin prone to breakouts. For normal to dry skin we love our Flower Power Cleansing Grains. 

These grains are a very mild exfoliant. They are completely soap & surfuctant free, & are incredibly gentle to use. 

All natural face wash cleansing grains
Cleansing Grains Face Wash

So that’s the what & why, now for the how:

When you’re ready to cleanse your face, remove a small amount from the container into the palm of your hand or a small dish. Either tap the side of the container on your palm or use a dry spoon.  As this is a dry powder it’s important to NOT get water in the jar of powder. You want the powder in the palm of your hand to be roughly between 1-2cm across. 

Now you’ll mix the cleansing grains with a liquid to form a paste. Water works fine, but for some true luxury,  try a skin- loving hydrosol, like Rose water, or Orange Blossom. For antibacterial benefits try honey or even oils if you’re removing make up or sunscreen.

step by step photos of mixing cleansing grains
Remove the grains from the container with a clean dry implement, like a spoon.
guide to using cleansing grains
Remove a small amount of grains to a bowl or the palm of your hand.
Clean your face with cleansing grains
Mixing cleansing grains with liquid
Mix the Cleansing Grains with a small amount of liquid (hydrosols, honey or water).

 Massage the paste into your skin, being careful around your delicate eye area. Leave it on for a minute or ten while I brush my teeth or hair, to let the botanical goodies get to work. 

When you’re ready gently remove all the grains, using water or a damp reusable face wipe.Continue rinsing until all residue is removed. 

If necessary, or just because it’s so lovely, follow it up with a gentle toner, like Rosewater, Orange Blossom or Lemon Myrtle

Depending on the season and your skin, this may be all you need, but if your skin is a little on the dry side or needs some extra nourishment try our Love the Skin You’re In Face Serum

And there you have it, a natural nourishing way to cleanse your face without any unpronounceable ingredients or drying alcohols. 

Have you ever used cleansing grains? What did you think of them?