Natural Black Hair Care Products Made In Australia

The Short Version:

  1. Order here.
  2. Get excited when some happy mail arrives.
  3. Apply oil to fingertips and dab or massage onto scalp. You hair grows from the roots, so when aiming to stimulate growth you need to apply to the scalp, not the hair.
  4.  A gentle scalp massage can also be beneficial, provided your head likes this. Some sensitive scalps don’t like head massages, in which case, we obviously wouldn’t recommend it.
  5. Tie up hair, and cover head with a scarf, towel or hair bonnet. Leave on for one to twelve hours. 
  6. Wash out with warm water and your shampoo of choice. We love our Avocado Solid Shampoo Bar, but any other shampoo/mildly cleansing product should work. If you’re no-poo or low poo we’d recommend trying with very warm water first. If this isn’t sufficient, you could try soap nuts, sidr leaves or avocado seeds to help remove any oil residue.
  7. Depending on your hair and you water, you might be good to go now, or you might need a conditioner or herbal hair rinse  at this stage. 
  8. Repeat two to four times weekly for best results.

Disclaimer: This is not a magic product. It will not make your hair instantly longer. Consistency is key to achieving good growth with this oil.

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Other stuff that’s good to know about hair growth:

Before ordering, try to assess yourself. Are you dealing with slow growth or hair damage? These are 2 different issues and require different responses. 

If you’re dealing with hair damage, you need to protect your hair and treat it gently. Avoid blow drying, rubber bands that pull on your hair, brushing forcefully, and leaving your hair out all the time.  If your hair is dry or needs some TLC try our Curly Crew Hair Oil or Curly Crew Hair Butter.

If you’re dealing with hair growth issues, you need to assess yourself for possible causes. Stress, hormonal, adrenal, and or nutrition issues, and deal with them if possible. 

From the perspective of your body and health your hair is NOT top priority. This means that if you’re nutritionally running on empty, your body can’t help your hair look great. 

For hair growth to be as fast as your body is capable of you need to make sure that a few things are already functioning well:

  1. Drink plenty of healthy liquids. If water is not your thing, try fermented drinks, herbal teas or iced teas, but to maximise hair growth your body needs plenty of liquids, without the sugars that are in soft drinks. 
  2. Eat well. This goes without saying but your body can’t make hair out of coffee and chocolate alone. It needs you to provide the basic building blocks of proteins, amino acids, silica and healthy fats to be able to transform them into the hair of your dreams. 
  3. Treat your hair gently. If your hair is breaking as fast as it’s growing, you won’t notice the growth that you are getting. It’s important when trying to promote hair growth to avoid harsh synthetic ingredients. These may cause adverse skin and scalp reactions. If your hair is dry try our nourishing natural hair care products.

And finally the answer to some common questions we get about our Hair Growth Oil.

How does Hair Growth Oil work?

By giving your scalp what it needs to have healthy and strong hair follicles. We’ve chosen oils that mimic human sebum, stimulate circulation, promote hair growth, strengthen hair follicles to slow hair fall, boost cellular metabolism, have antifungal and antimicrobial qualities, & rich in omega 6 and other essential vitamins and minerals that growing hair needs. Our hair growth oil is designed to be applied direct to the hair root, where the hair is actually growing from. 


Will it work for everyone? 

Does anything work for anyone?  Hair loss and slow hair growth has many causes, and this will stimulate your scalp it does not address the root cause. We’d encourage you to used this in conjunction with seeing the appropriate medical professional.


Is it safe for everyone? 

It’s made with a 3% essential oil blend. This is well within the guidelines for safe essential oil use for teens and adults. We wouldn’t recommend using this on anyone under ten. We always suggest patch testing first if any of these ingredients are new to you, to be sure you don’t have any allergies you’re unaware of. 


How long before I see results? 

Some people see results of increased growth within a few weeks, and for others it takes a bit longer. You should see improved hair growth within 2-3 months. 


I already have an oily scalp. Is putting oil on my scalp really a good idea?

    1. You’re going to wash this out. 
    2. Oil (or sebum actually) on your scalp has a purpose. It is to protect the scalp and strengthen the hair strands. It can only do this if you brush it along the hair strand. If you’ve got straight hair it will move down the hair strand more easily than if you have curly hair.
    3. If you’re using a standard shampoo, you’re basically washing your hair with a gentle surfactant/degreaser. This is stripping all the oil from your scalp and hair, which makes your scalp think it needs to produce more oil. It produces more oil, you wash it more often…. We’d recommend trying some more natural hair washing options such as our avocado shampoo bar, or the suggestions listed above. Different people have success with different products, but if you’re head is consistently producing excessive oil this is actually a warning sign from your scalp that it is not happy.

Did we cover everything? If you’ve still got questions, get in touch.