Because our skin & hair care products are the bees knees, the cats pyjamas, the cream of the crop, the real deal, the genuine article, honest to goodness skin food.

We make it ourselves so we might be biased but here is why we think our products are so good:

  1. What we leave out of our products is just as important as what we put in. We understand that less is more, that simple is beautiful & often better. 
  2. We are stewards of traditional herbal knowledge & self care rituals, rituals that women have used for thousands of years to honor themselves. Since traditions & traditional knowledge is with holding onto, including the practice of nourishing yourself through small rituals of self care. We believe that beauty is accepting yourself as you are, & loving the skin you’re in. We don’t believe in airbrushed images of pretty people as paragons of beauty that we should all aspire to.  We don’t want to make you feel bad about yourself so we can sell you something to make you feel better. 
  3. We believe that self care, skin care, hair care and health all go hand in hand. We don’t believe beauty can be acquired by surgery, supplements or expensive potions. We think healthy skin & hair is beautiful, and health starts with self care rituals with the right ingredients. 
  4. We make skin food to feed our skin. We understand that what goes on our skin, can & does make its way into our bloodstream & affect our hormones, health & happiness. We make all our products with mindfulness & gratitude. We hope you’ll use them with the same mental focus, indulging in nourishing rituals that increase you in gratitude.
  5. We are the first & only Australian company (that we know of) producing natural hair care products, designed specifically for curly, coily and kinky hair. We love natural hair in all it’s variations, and aim to provide a high-quality alternative to imported curly hair care products, that whilst aimed at natural hair, are often not very natural in their ingredients.
  6. Our products are ALL active ingredients, sometimes with more than one function, but never just to take up space, add label appeal, make it last longer or look prettier. There’s nothing in our products to artificially preserve, colour or scent our products. No nature identical substances, extracts or derivatives. Just intense nutrition. 
  7. Because our products are NOT mostly water, a little goes along way, giving you more for your money, & saving on packaging too.
  8. We do our best to source local, organic, wild-crafted and ethically produced ingredients, some are home-grown in our Permaculture garden.
  9. We distill our own hydrosols in small batches from locally-grown spray-free living plants. Most of our products have been handcrafted in the days or weeks before we send them out to you. They are fresh and full of goodness, a far cry from products that may have been sitting on shelves and in storage for months or years before you buy them!
  10. We mean what we say. Unlike many companies that use ‘natural’ as a marketing tool, when we say natural, we mean it. We use dried flowers & plants, cold pressed unrefined botanical oils, cold-pressed or steam-distilled essential oils, plant butters, local honey, beeswax from our own hives, & tallow from pastured sheep in our soaps. We choose ingredients with the skin and hair benefits & ecological impact in mind, not just our profits.
  11. We test our products on ourselves & willing volunteers, never animals. 
  12. We package with the environment in mind, in glass, metal, reusable, & recyclable whenever possible. 
  13. We don’t do wholesale, which means we’re not artificially inflating our prices so retailers can make a profit too. We offer high-quality small batch skincare, direct from our hands to yours. 
  14. We are a small Australian business with deep care & concern for our place & community. We’re offering quality products at fair prices & believe in ethics being a driving force in what we do. By shopping within Australia, buying products that are made in Australia, you’re supporting your local economy, a local family, a rural farming community & the environment. All just buy buying some soap. Good on you! 
  15. We believe in giving back. We give a minimum of 5% of profits to environmental & sustainable agriculture charities & projects because we know that the future lies in building on traditional knowledge, not ignoring it. 
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