zero Waste housewarming gift

Giving gifts & celebrating the little things are what builds our sense of contentment & community. It’s important to mark the little and big moments of our lives with small rituals. But for the health of our planet, & our own mental health, it’s equally important to make sure that the gifts we give & get for ourselves will be used, loved, repurposed & finally at the end of their lives, able to return to the earth without leaving a trail of plastic & pollution behind. 

That’s why we’ve put together a list of Zero Waste Australian Made Housewarming Gifts that are beautiful, functional & eco awesome!

Zero Waste Housewarming Gifts
Beautiful, one of a kind bunting made from upcycled vintage sheets: we 💚 botanical prints!
Zero Waste Housewarming Gifts
A handmade organic linen bread bag, perfect for the baker or zero waste shopping.
Zero Waste Housewarming Gift Guide
UnPaper towels: a great gift for a cook or baker or parents of young children.
Zero waste Housewarming Gift Guide
For the crazy plant lady/ man in your life check out these amazing kokedamas!!
zero waste housewarming
Our Honey & Black Seed soap is one of our bestsellers, and now we also have them available with a handmade wooden soap dish.
zero waste housewarming gift
For the craft or plant lover, these are just perfect!
zero Waste housewarming gift
These one of a kind, works of art, from the women at Injalak Arts.
This zero waste, plastic free, Hygge Gift Box, with herbal tea, beeswax candles and food wraps, handmade soap & Lavender drawer sachets...
zero waste housewarming gift
For the brown-thumbed friend who loves flowers that need no water & no care but look amazing!! Seriously pictures don't do these justice.
Fruit and veggie bags from upcycled lace curtains.